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  • Black Lightning - Graphite/Silicone Wax


    Black Lightning Graphite/Silicone Wax Lubricant
    Black Lightning All-Purpose Wax Lubricant is the"Original" Graphite and Silicone wax lubricant for superior lubrication that lasts.

    Graphite and Silicone provide maximum lubrication and protection for bowstrings and all other points of contact.

    Useful not only for servings, but hard to fit nocks, arrow tips, cams, axles and more.

    Don't settle for anything less from the competition. Our wax-based lubricant formula is soft and easy to work with your fingers - not a hard, sticky mess.

    Get the innovator, the "Original" Graphite and Silicone Wax Lubricant.

    Increases Life and Performance of products made of wood, plastic, metal and rubber.

    Penetrates and Coats to reduce friction and wear.

    Perfect for Use in tackle boxes, tool boxes, shops, garages, automobiles, camping/fishing/hunting equipment and more.

    Odorless, Non-toxic and Waterproof.